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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords

The description for each card begins with a brief meaning. 23 Nov 2007 Today I finished making up my most recent tarot, the sixteenth in my ever-growing series, the Lebanese Tarot by the Lebanese artist Caroline Mehlinger-Jawlakh. Recurring symbols can be seen in the periphery or background: ravens in flight, the moon, mist, signposts… It is good to have a few originals in ones collection.

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Along the Path to EnlightenmentBy Hawkins, David R (Author), Jeffrey, Scott (Editor) Paperback. Textured coloured areas are added in the background.

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The deck designs, which have been around for some time, are intended to redress the gender balance, as the creator felt that in recent times tarot imagery has been oriented more towards the feminine, with the masculine downplayed or even left out of the symbolism in some decks. Her latest is called Both sides and must have arisen from an observation that many of the majors seem to form pairs. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. The earlier issue is actually the US Games Connolly Tarot Deck, while the more recent issue is a Japanese style deck, possibly created for this series, but it could be a reprint of some published Japanese deck – it looks familiar to me but I cannot immediately identify it with some other publication.

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All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.  The cards come in a rather stylish concertina like black folder with a silver cover. At first glance it would appear to be an amateurish naive effort, but Laura Cristin is a performance artist from Italy using the name SHEren, who together with Dario Della Rossa participated in the Festival Hermatena “Science, Art, Alchemy” 22-30 June 2007 on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Tarots in Riola di Vergato (Bologna). Perhaps people are just not seeing the value in such pieces.

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Beth Seilonen dared to ask that question and after much thought she came up with the Tarot of Isabel Snail. 30 June 2008 In the last few days I have received a number of really interesting tarots, which I will post up here on my weblog over the next week or so. 7 Jan 2008 I have just purchased another Japanese tarot, not this time published in Japan, but in Italy. The one time price gives you THREE great games – Lucky Stars 5, Lucky Stars 6 AND Lucky Stars 6 Special Edition!

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MB Psychic Tarot consists of a combination of psychic test, tarot reading, psychic and tarot dictionary softwares. When I tried to intervene to support the right of an artist to have their work accepted on its own merits and not to be dismissed and trashed merely because they believed in some (rather common) alternative spirituality, I myself became a target, so much so that I now feel I must temporarily exclude myself from my own discussion forum, as anything I say at the moment just evokes a negative response from this small group. Perhaps this musical group intends to create the other half of the deck and issue that with another CD.

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It is rather interesting to realise that The Old English Tarot, designed by Maggie Kneen and published in 1997 by US Games, was based on the Luttrell Psalter, though she does not use the image I have shown for her Fool nor indeed does she slavishly copy the style of the miniatures in the manuscript. The artwork is diffuse and unfocussed, and the colours softly merge one into another. We have seen a few of these actions resulting in the withdrawal of such products. One sees from the design on the card backs the essence of the design concept, the interplay of darkness and light, negative and positive forms.