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Tarot card meanings for the Page of Swords from the minor arcana including Tarot card combinations. Comprehensive index of the 78 tarot cards meanings with Josephine Ellershaw

It is a promotional deck printed on three sheets of thick card for you to cut out. They have a delightfully original Fool, skipping along, blindfolded and holdinng an umbrella. Supports Expekt.Com, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, Party Poker, Paradise Poker, Pokerroom.Com, Ultimate Bet, Empire Poker,… However, it is not this that makes me despair, rather it is the fact that some people just cannot see beyond the 78 card deck.

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This consists of some beautiful watercolour paintings by the Canadian artist, Jane Estelle Trombley. Inside was square box containing a heavy book and a set of large cards. This is the SOL Tarot, a 78 card deck which appears to have been produced by a Doctor Hector Russo (he is a Doctor of Parapsychology not Medicine). The art therapy patients were obviously made aware of the tarot imagery and some are almost conventional. But cool headed Capricorn is also in the mix to offer self-control and the determination to find a better way of living.

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At first one is perhaps a bit confused by the title, but on the artist’s web site we see it bears the subtitle “Softly Spoken Secrets”, and she further explains that her deck was conceived to speak to people, and that wisdom, emotion and esoteric knowledge are woven into its form. It was created using old fashioned scissors and paste collage in 2000, so it is strange that I only heard about it recently. I believe my actions are my own, but I love how the insights that things like astrology or tarot or any other “fortune telling” practice reveals to me. It was rather expensive, but is a good addition to my Japanese tarot collection which now numbers over 140 items.

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20 Nov 2007 The Wormweird Tarot was created by George Higham using retro-tech Victorian stage illusions and waxwork sculptures which were then photographed and used for the tarot images without any post-photography digital manipulation. You will be amazed with the information we can provide. This may lead to difficult times, but you will learn so much about living and loving.

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Games Systems’ recent publication Deviant Moon Tarot. The Mystic Tarot features over 2000 specific card interpretations and meanings. Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book: Trade Edition Hardcover.

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As I read the cards, they describe inner energies and urges, and opportunities to develop and explore. The pip cards are not emblematic and all suits have the same background of flames. 3 Apr 2008 Last evening I spent far too long on the internet.

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In in Advertisement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . These are rather powerful and sometimes disturbing images, truly a “dark deck”.

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Select the number of questions you want, or type of reading below. This is a series of woodcuts by Andre Kerkhoven illustrating a book of poems (in Dutch) by Paul Rodenko. They are held into the folder by little slits which enable the cards to be easily removed and replaced. Some are straightforward enough – Sun with Gold, Silver with the Moon card, even perhaps Hydrogen as the Magician, but Phosphorus as Judgement, and Lithium as Justice seem a bit opaque to me.