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It seems the words are only a tiny part of what’s being expressed of the greater whole, the pictures I get in my head seem to reveal more of the greater whole than could ever be expressed or comprehended with just words. 7. €” The highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. The experience of the process is directly related to ones karma(energetic predisposition based around past thought and action carried in the subconscious yet vibrating in the aura from birth forward)that they carry in this life.


My DNA Information and knowledge comes from two main sources; The DNA activation is complete approximately 9 weeks from the initial activation. If the chakras are not balanced, peace with the self cannot be achieved. The is often overactive when we face things like addiction and gluttony. Those with overactive throat chakras will often interrupt others, often be told they have a loud voice or “love to hear themselves talk.€ Physically, you may suffer from throat pain, frequent infections, cavities or mouth ulcers. According to yoga tradition, the subtle body is a part of you that you can't see or touch—it's where your energy flows, which is why it's also referred to as the energy body.

How To Reprogram Your Chakras To Enhance Your Life

She reveals just what the chakras are and how we can access the information in them to benefit our lives. These foster frontal lobe activity and prepare your third eye and brain to be more receptive. It provides vast knowledge on the chakras and how to work with them.

DNA’s location and Structure

All photographs Copyright © 2000~2016  Paul Wade Crouse, except where noted. Our minds can be incredibly valuable if we use it the right way. I feel its open a little because I do get photos of people in my mind in full color which I believe to be spirits. With Love and Blessings, Alana NSW              Your beautiful book arrived yesterday.I am really loving it.Having some wonderful ex[eriences.I could feel its energy just looking at it.Will be sharing this wonderful find with all my friends.This would be a wonderful book to work though with my full moon group.

Flowering Heart ~ Florida

Mastering the lower vibrational aspects of our being we reside in the full awareness that we are spiritual beings living a human existence  6 Third Eye Chakra Ajna Forehead Indigo Seed mantra = Aum  Symbol is a descending triangle within a circle Light Knowingness / Intuition / Perception Self Mastery, wisdom, imagination Pituitary gland, spine, lower brain, left eye, nose and the ears Gem = Diamond  Planet = Sun Sense = Sixth sense, higher mind Spiral pair = sacral chakra 6/2 Excessive: overly intellectual; overly analytical Deficient: unclear thought; deluded  5 Throat Chakra Vishuddha Throat Light Blue Seed mantra = Hum Symbol is a circle within a descending triangle  Ether Communication / Creativity  Sound / Intuition / Synthesis Self expression / Desire to speak and hear the truth Thyroid gland, throat, upper lungs, arms, digestive track Gem = Sapphire  Planet = Saturn Sense = Hearing Spiral pair = solar chakra 5/3 Excessive: willful, controlling, judgmental, hurtful speech Deficient: lacking faith, unable to creatively express, silent child 4 Green / Pink Seed mantra = Yum Symbol is intertwined descending and ascending triangles The center of real, unconditional affection, spiritual growth, compassion, devotion and love. Far more than in any of the cases discussed above, the centres are simply places to focus the concentration during prayer. $8.97 Chakras key to spiritual opening the 'book of you' by discovering your chakras! By working on this chakra, you can awaken your true personal inner power and work through your fear of taking risks. Physically, you may feel headaches or have problems with allergies and your sinuses.