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Developer: Dennis Baggott and Sons
Specifications: Totally redesigned. Now includes Dashboards for tracking Attendance, Contributions and Demographics. Include images of Families, Members and items in Church Library.
Requirements: .NET Framework 4
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows Vista/7/8
Price: $99
License: Free to try
Version: v2014
Downloads: 5715

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What is the job description of a nonprofit board of directors?

As always, the questions you raise are valid – ones to really think about beyond ourselves, our churches, our ministries, our walks – that apply to our lives in general with relation to technology. Your purpose will align with your passion and it all stems from you having an understanding of who you are. This may not seem like a big deal, but it most definitely is.

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Says Our church secretary that has served as our senior pastors exec sec…has resigned and leaving…it appears that media and communications with high tech skills are more important than pastors the new testament local church is disappearing.. I did the church web site, membership rolls, church financial statements, logged tithes, bulletins, power points for 3 services, and many other duties. In our church of about 800, the needs are changing communication is by email and website.

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Then come join me and lot of other churches and save money with free software that will help your church in these rough economic times. The intern could learn about church life, see how church business is handled and also learn practical, pastoral ministry.

What is the job description for an office administrator?

After hours, I do get some calls at home, but most people then reach out to other staff members. From a task-oriented angle, it could ideally work very well – from a ministry aspect, not necessarily the best solution. Sadly, many people have no idea how to do it effectively. Thom Rainer says Here you go: Beverly Schlomann says with my husband (and my son, who is a church planter) their “secretary” is their smartphone — with their own calendar, phone, email.


What information is being offered to the person in charge of the bulletin or newsletter as far as copyright law or fair use? In this new digital age, churches and non-profits regularly disregard copyrights and claim ignorance. Since our secretaries are such a vital part of the church’s ministry, we pastors are wise to use them well.

How do you write a receptionist job description?

Working in ministry is different than any other career. Another free business software that many IT business people recommend for your computer is . Bylaws Description of the Ministry Assistant/Secretary: The Ministry Assistant/Secretary is responsible for administering the tasks and functions of the church office in concert with the daily service practices of the ministerial staff.

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In my workplace I haven’t had anyone type something up for me in over 20 years. Greeted, welcomed and directed visitors such as seniors, parishioners, staff and vendors of the church. Bill says The gift of administration is so minimalized in the church. Indeed, you have struck a nerve with people who serve in the trenches, and the insights are excellent. What I do daily goes beyond typing, keeping confidences and taking phone calls.

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To say that a secretary’s role is simply typing and answering phones is incorrect and an insult to the caring, compassionate work of the person in the church office. The Ministry Assistant/Secretary may supervise other office assistants or office volunteers. We outsource most of the work that secretaries did, and supplement that with volunteers. Also the program is known as “Church Secretary for Windows 32”.  Church Secretarial Duties are so diverse and numerous that it takes a very special member/person to fulfill these job duties.

What is the average salary for a high school football coach?

Let me suggest that you pray about whom you might talk with in leadership to express your grievances before that happens. The church is located out on the edge of a country suburb, so we had no foot traffic showing up at our door. A secretary/receptionist/assistant will manage their appointments and capably handle most of the calls personally, re-direct some to other church staff and/or pastors, and field very few calls to the lead pastor…in addition to a hundred other tasks necessary for a healthy/functioning church.