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Deletes the contents of the current database and resets parameter variables to their initial default state. The user specified colour scheme and representation remains unchanged. The RasMol set fontsize command is used to control the size of the characters that form atom labels. I use R2V for a GIS (Geo jobs.) Try to find some of it. Vector images are mathematical calculations from one point to another that form lines and shapes.

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The RasMol background command is used to set the colour of the “canvas” background. The parameter of a restrict command is a RasMol atom expression that is evaluated for every atom of the current molecule. BetterWriter 1.0.1 : BW9112131832Beyond Compare v1.5c win95/NT : Name: :MARQUIS: Org: UCF Key: 2BB27304Beyond Compare v1.7a : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp key: AEB07A02Beyond Compare v1.7b : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp98 Key: C38C1E83Beyond Compare v1.7c : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp98 Key: C38C1E83Beyond Compare v1.8b4 : Name: justarius Company: inside Key: 803A5619Beyond Compare v1.8a : Name: rubor Company: Syntax 2oo1 Key: C084B89EBeyond Compare v1.8b : Name: ultraschall Company: blizzard Key: 232DAA98Beyond Pyramid!

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The RasMol monitor command allows the display of distance monitors. Without a parameter the centre command resets the centre of rotation to be the centre of gravity of the molecule. Intermediate values determine the percentage of the molecule to be drawn.

Multiply the resolution required by the area to be printed. Example:

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Download links from rapidshare, depositfiles, megaupload etc not published. Currently, stereo viewing is not supported in vector PostScript output files.

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The DPI is set by the actual printer device and it is not something in the image for the graphic designer to manipulate. Here is a CPK color key as an HTML table which could be used, for example, next to a Chime display: Click here for the CPK color key alone. Once again the contents of the execute package consists of a string for RasMol to execute. The minimum parameter value is 10, the maximum parameter value is dependent upon the size of the molecule being displayed.

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Look around Ads of the World for advertising inspiration, check out award winning work on , or visit the community operated to continue the discussion. Predefined sets are often abbreviations primitive atom expressions, and in some cases of selecting areas of a molecule that could not otherwise be distinguished.

2 What is a vector image?

Numeric chain identifiers must be distinguished or separated from residue numbers by a colon character. If the first non-whitespace character is an open bracket, the string is interpreted to be a sequence of consecutive commands enclosed in square brackets; otherwise the string consists of just a single command. The reserved work backbone is also used as a predefined set and as a parameter to the set hbond and set ssbond commands.

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Provided that the pointer is located close enough to a visible object, the program determines the identity of the nearest atom to the point identified. The most common vector file types are AI, CDR, and SVG. Techniques for high-resolution printing are discussed in the FAQ.