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Developer: Crystal Clear Software
Requirements: .NET Framework 4.5.1; SQL server 2008 r2 and above
Limitation: Limited number of entries
Operation system: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8
Price: $1080
License: Free to try
Version: v8.15
Downloads: 9687

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7706Â Â Â An error message ” Function argument value, type or count is invalid…” Was displayed when importing charges and rewards. Simple Loan Calculator will help you quickly estimate the monthly payment of a loan and cost of a loan.

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You can also tell Loan Performer to always use the Online Help or the local help. 10812 Receipt Printing options for Group Member reports have been added and enhanced. It did not send a message when Time deposit matured (both Group and individuals) 2. 7872Â Â Â Commission on savings was booked wrongly in the general ledger account when posted using menu Savings/Multi-purpose Deposit.

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9041 Modification of time deposit did not save, IFS Financial Services, Ghana 9047 After interest had been remitted to a savings account, the savers statement did not show the details of the transaction; it only showed the balance, IFS Financial Services, Ghana 8.12       8340    The Outstanding Balances report has an option to select de-classified loans only, the menu Ageing report has an extension where a report can be run on the movement of de-classified Loans between the diffent arrears classes and the Repayments of Written Off Loans report can be run for de-classified loans (Alide, Benin). Hover over the profile pic and click the Following button to unfollow any account. 7607 An identifier of the user has been added to the transaction code (required in a WAN environment if data is to be syncronised). Date Calculator performs a variety …Objective to perform calendar …Has a loan and mortgage Allows you to catalog and play any music files you have.

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9290The transaction code no longer displays in the old version 7 mode and is now assigned after the transaction is saved, Turame Community Bank, Burundi 9284 The consolidation of branch databases did not overwrite the old data with the new imported but rather summed it up all together resulting in incorrect balances in the corporate/consolidated reports, Turame Community Bank, Burundi 9283 It was not possible to generate individual, Group and Business Compulsory savings reports as LPF gave an error message,” User Thrown error”. Also the total loan amount was different. – The PAR per age class say 1-30, 31-60, 61-90 and 91-120 was different if you compared the Aging report, the PAR report and the Performance monitoring report. – The Amount of fully repaid loans was different from that of the PMT report. Downloads (169 ) Driver Performer Download Keep your Windows up to date while you keep your hardware at peak performance. 9367 If user made a prepayment or an overpayment, LPF did not recognise the overpaid amount on the receipt generated but included it in the total.

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9435 The grid for approval of overdrafts under Savings/Overdrafts/Approve overdrafts now shows the label, ‘Overdraft Approval’ and not ‘Loan approval’, as was the case previously. Standalone loan system, designed to process high activity secured dealer floorplan loans. SMS 11058 It’s now possible to import SMS Clients from Excel, ID, Haiti. 7708   An error message ” File ‘getproductvar.Prg’ does not exist….” Was displayed when importing loan applications. Clients who are not approved cannot do any transactions (including import, web access, mobile payments etc).